Women in Investing

Financial Independence depends on more than a Woman's Marital or Job Status! 

Many women believe that their financial well-being is linked solely to their marital status, or their ability to earn an income. The true reason for financial independence is being able to take control of your finances. Financial strategies can help you gain your goal of financial independence. Being prepared to meet whatever financial challenges come your way may be more important than you think, especially when you consider the following facts:

  • Women earn about 80% as much as men. *1                                       
  • Life expectancy for females is 81.2 years. *2
  • Life expectancy for males is 76.4 years. *3
  • Women typically have twice the debt as men *4
  • 19 of the richest women in the world have inherited thier money from their father or husband. *5


There are six key areas of Financial Management:                                   

  • Cash Management
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning




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